Universal Contour Body Wrap


 The Universal Contour Wrap exfoliates and cleanses your skin, detoxifies your body, tightens loose tissue and guarantees you exceptional and lasting inch-loss. It is excellent for reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.

Our fully qualified therapists are the only therapists trained by Universal Contour Wrap practicing in Aberdare and our details can be found on the official UCW website as proof of certification (beware of salons falsely advertising this treatment).

Please bring spare underwear with you or alternatively we can provide disposable underwear.

A course of 3 treatments is recommended and treatments for full body require a 2 hour appointment. A deposit is required upon booking your appointment. Prices vary according to area to be treated. Prices start from £25.00 for one area (tummy).

Express Wrap

Target one area e.g. Tummy and get trim in under an hour!


How it works

The unique combination of our mineral rich clay combined with specialist wrapping techniques provides the following effects: Loose skin is tightened, soft and fatty tissue is compressed, the skin is gently exfoliated and toxins are removed through osmosis.

Call us for details!!