Spray Tanning

At Mirror Image we want our clients to feel comfortable during all treatments and that is why we provide our spray tanning treatments using our Pro Booth. The booth provides a gentle warm breeze to warm and dry the client throughout the treatment thus cutting down on drying time. The booth also eliminates over spray with it’s unique extraction abilities providing a much healthier experience for both the client and therapists.

Disposable caps, briefs and face masks (if required) are provided to all clients

St Tropez spray tan treatment is a UV-free spray tan which takes only 10 minutes to apply. The Classic tan deepens and develops over 6 – 8 hours to produce a rich, golden, natural looking colour.

Available in Classic, Luxe Oil and Sensitive solutions

The most exciting addition to our range of St Tropez treatments is St Tropez Express! This amazing new spray treatment can be rinsed off between 1-3 hours depending on the depth of tan required. Ideal for last minute nights out!


Full Body Application  from £15.00 (1 coat) £20.00 (2 coats)

Half Body Application £13.50



NEW    Moroccan Tan

This new organic formula uses deep absorbing Argan Oil, an antioxidant rich in Vitamin E sourced from Southwest Morocco, to nourish the skin.

Prices start from £12.00 (1 coat)  £15.00 (2 coats) available in light/med/dark /extra dark


*Please do not apply any product to your skin before your tan.You may moisturise 24hrs before your treatment but avoid using butter or oil based moisturisers.  Exfoliate the evening before your tanning appointment.  Any waxing or shaving to be done 24hrs before the tan and please wear loose clothing