Nail Enhancements


Nail Extensions (acrylic)£33.00 senior nail tech – discounts for junior tec
Infill (required every 2 weeks) £18.00
French Acrylic Extensions £34.00
1 Nail Repair £3.50
Nail Art(per nail from) £2.50

SHELLAC £16.50 (£20.00 with removal) Please note that Shellac may not last for 2 weeks on soft or brittle nails, or on a child

SHELLAC Manicure £20.00 (£24.00 with removal)

SHELLAC Pedicure £23.00 (£27.00 with removal)

SHELLAC ART from £7.50

NAIL WRAPS from £20.00


We regret that we are unable to remove nail enhancements or gel polish that has been applied elsewhere as our solvents may not be compatible with other systems and may require more time or buffing than we have allocated for. If you do arrive with other products on your nails you may be refused treatment and asked to book another appointment after you have removed the product. If we have been led to believe that we are removing our products only to realise that we are not extra charges will be incurred should the product not remove within our allocated treatment time.


Natural Nail Treatments

Shape & Colour Polish £8.00
Shape & French Polish £8.50
*Polish can be added to each of the following treatments for an additional

Re-Polish  removal and reapplication of colour £5.00
Coloured Polish £3.50
French Polish £4.00


Mini Manicure (30 minutes) £13.00
A basic manicure to neaten and condition your nails and hands

Mini Pedicure (45 minutes) £16.00
A basic treatment to tidy and condition tired feet

Creative Spa Manicure (1 hour) £23.00
Spa Manicure is a deluxe line of products and should be reserved for the most pampering of manicures

Creative Spa Pedicure (75 minutes) £26.00
A truly exotic experience. Spa Pedicure softens the feet and soothes the soul.