Lash and Brow

Natural Lashes and Brows

Brow Shape £10.00
Brow Tint £7.00
Brow Tint & Wax £10.00
Lash Tint £13.50

LVL (lift and tint) £40.00
*48 hr skin test is necessary before a tinting treatment, a £15.00 deposit must be paid at the time of booking.


Lash Enhancements

We proudly offer Cruelty- free Vegan lash extensions by Nouveau Lash artists

Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions (Classic) £39.50
S/P Lash Maintenance (recommended 2 weeks 45 mins) £24.00 (3 weeks/1 hour) £27.00

Volume Lash Extensions £47.00
Volume Maintenance (recommended 2 weeks) £29.50 (3 weeks/1 hour) £32.00

Mega Volume Lash Extensions £57.00
Mega Volume Maintenance (recommended 2 weeks) £32.00 (3 weeks) £37.00


Pre-treatment Advice

We offer free lash removal to our lash clients to ensure that your lashes are removed safely and to maintain the condition of the natural lash. Appointments are required. Please be aware that we DO NOT remove lashes that have been applied elsewhere as our solvents may not be compatible with the adhesives that may have been used.

Please ensure that no mascara is worn before any lash treatments, the removal of eye products will result in less time to apply lashes, therefore resulting in fewer lashes.

Please avoid any drinks with caffeine prior to treatment (as the caffeine makes your eyes twitch).

We recommend that clients who are pregnant or suffer with back/neck pain/injuries do not book in for semi-permanent or volume lashes as the treatment time of 90-120 minutes can become uncomfortable and difficult to bear.

The treatment cannot be successfully completed any quicker and clients who cancel the appointment during treatment due to discomfort will lose their deposit.

Clients who suffer from the following conditions may not be suitable for Lash treatments:
Allergies, Hormone imbalances, Hypersensitive skin, Eye infections, Eye disorders, Hayfever or watery sensitive eyes, recent beauty treatments, weak or brittle lashes seizures and Trichotillomania

Please contact us if you require more advice regarding possible eye conditions or disorders that could affect your lash treatment


Lash Enhancement Homecare

So you’ve just spent a relaxing 1 1/2 -2 hours getting relaxed and lashed and you want your beautiful lashes to look amazing and full until you return for your maintenance. Here’s some helpful tips to make the most of your lashes:

Do not Rub at your lashes. Take care when removing heavy make up especially and use cotton buds to remove eyeshadows to carefully work around the lashes.

Do not use any make up remover that has not been recommended to you by your technician. DO NOT use make up remover wipes or cleansers on your lashes at any time. We recommend purchasing Nouveau Lash and Lid Cleanser or  fill a make up a bottle with diluted baby shampoo.

Keep your lashes dry for a minimum of 48 after your initial application and maintenance treatments

Do not use lash curler on the lashes

Do not wear strip lashes over the lash enhancements

Have the lashes removed professionally to avoid damage to your natural lashes.